About us



Gles Jewels started off selling at craft fairs In Scotland. Its founder, Angelika, has developed an eye for beautiful jewellery through her many trips visiting family in Peru.

Initially drawing inspiration for her beautiful jewellery from forests, flowers, insects, she has ventured further into designing her own pieces inspired by the exotic jungles of Peru and ancient civilizations.

Gles Jewels offers high-quality silver jewellery for every woman and man, and every look and occasion, whether timeless classic for the office or radiantly opulent for the grand entrance.




Gles Jewels combines the techniques that are professional, with quality materials that benefit you the most. There is a massive problem with bad quality jewellery that induces allergies, and leaves your skin green, breaks, loses colour after just a few wears (if not one). But Gles Jewels sells strong hypoallergenic jewellery from sterling silver, which your ears and body will thank you for. 

My name is Angelika Gonzales I design and make your jewellery along with my beautiful mum and our cat Bobby when we get flooded with orders! 

Before I started Gles Jewels I graduated in 2020 with my "BDes Honours" degree in Jewellery and metal design at DJCAD university in our beautiful Highlands of Scotland! I was also lucky to be accepted at the University in the State of New York, at the wonderful "SUNY New Paltz". Throughout the years, my wonderful tutors were the contemporary Scottish jewellery designer Teena Ramsay, as well as silversmith in New York state Myra Mimlitsch Gray, along with many other wonderful tutors throughout the years. They all taught me all I know today, and therefore I continue to grow on my own in the big world.

With Gles Jewel designs you will have beautiful quality jewellery for a lifetime!